Partnering with Management

In the early stage of partnership, immediately after the acquisition closing process, we will work with the existing management team to develop a transition plan. Our goal for this plan is efficiently transition the business while drawing a consensus regarding the company’s strategic plan with clearly understood objectives and milestones.

Post-acquisition activities will involve extensive interaction with the company and its management. Our priority is to provide existing management with the support and resources needed for management and the company to flourish. Our involvement varies depending on the requirements of the management team and the company in general.   

For example, we regularly guide and assist management teams confronting strategic acquisitions for their companies. From the outset of an investment, we encourage a team to engage in a regular strategic planning process and to think broadly about acquisitions that complement the company’s competitive strengths. Mindful of the complexity of integrating operations effectively, NSCP helps development milestones, timelines and responsibilities.

Other examples of value-added activities include assessing management needs and assisting with the recruitment of important additions to the management team, improving retention of key talent, managing the lender group to assure the company of financial flexibility, guiding effective compensation policies throughout the portfolio company, and generally ensuring sound corporate governance.

NSCP also assists companies in addressing strategic issues through the creation and use of an effective board of directors. NSCP generally augments these portfolio company boards by working with management to identify and recruit outside directors with relevant experience from industry contacts known to management of NSCP’s broad network of contacts.

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