Information for Owners

For business owners seeking an alternative to traditional exit opportunities, NSCP offers flexible solutions. We provide liquidity and are willing to actively assist management in the companies in which we invest to ensure continuity, sustainability, legacy preservation and long-term growth.

  • We understand that good businesses are the result of hard work and commitment. Our day-to-day involvement following an acquisition demonstrates our dedication and commitment to your company’s continued success.
  • We are long-term investors who value operational continuity, stable employee relations, and the unique culture that every company develops. We strive to ensure that this culture endures post-transaction.
  • We recognize the emotions and sensitivities involved in deciding to sell a business. We will work with you on a strictly confidential basis to structure transactions that enable you to achieve your financial and personal objectives.

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Ninth Street’s partners rolled up their sleeves from day one, providing the day-to-day assistance, strategic guidance and financial capital needed to take our company to the next level.

– Perry Van Newkirk, CEO of Castronics

NSCP is an excellent partner. They have provided us with the freedom to operate our business as we see fit, but are always available when we need assistance.

– Doug Haber, Founder of Guided Surgery Solutions

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